Friday, 28 May 2010

Ribbon Roses.

This month in the Stampin'Up Impression magazine  there was a tutorial on 'how to make ribbon roses.They look really elegant and they are so easy to make.Here's the card I did using some of the roses I made.I stamped the French Filigree background stamp in Close to Cocoa and made 2 large and 1 small rose,I added some flat back pearls from the Pretties kit and from the same kit I made the hat pin.

How to make the roses:
1.Adhere about 6 strips of Sticky Strip (depending on the size of the rose) to cardstock in parallel lines to form a solid sticky surface (normal double sided isn't strong enough).Remove backing.

2.Begin twisting the ribbon (I used taffeta ribbon as it's easy to twist) and adhere end to the centre of the tape.

3.Continue twisting and adhering ribbon in a tight outward spiral.
4.When you've got the size rose you want,cut off the ribbon and make sure end is secure.
5.Trim the card stock.

One last thing to share with you that's not crafting,Paige has been going on about having her hair cut short for a while now. She booked an appointment but I kept saying are you sure want to do this as she had lovely curly blonde hair.So off she went to the hairdressers yesterday and I just kept thinking she wouldn't go through with it but she did!!! It looks gorgeous but I think it was a brave thing to have done,I hope she doesn't regret but as she said she just wore it in a ponytail most of the time anyway.

Back soon!


Lisa said...

what a coincidence here - I just made some of this style of flowers with paper yesterday! but the ribbon ones looks stunning so i will have a go at that. thanks for sharing!
That is a gorgeous photo of your daughter - great hair!

Anonymous said...

i love these roses deb thanks fr sharing, and paige's hair looks stunning! xx

Nessie said...

Your daughter looks fabulous. I don't know how her hair was looking before but the new hair style definitely suits her.

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