Tuesday, 17 July 2012

One A Day........Tuesday's Tallies.

Hi, I hope everyone had a good weekend, I just don't know where the last week has gone. This month is always a busy month for me, with lots going on. This week, it's my birthday, Paige's birthday, my sister's wedding anniversary and birthday and I celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary,yesterday.
It's actually my birthday tomorrow but I've just got back from afternoon tea with my friends to celebrate, we had a wonderful time, photo's to follow.
Anyway back to One a Day organized by Carole, I haven't really had a lot of time to do much and haven't done any squares but when I was looking through the links of One a Day, I came across Shateen's blog who was doing the Wonder Blanket that Evelyn has started on the  Ravelry group, Project Stash.
It is such a great idea, it's a simple knitted blanket that is just made from even the smallest scraps and odd balls of yarn of any weight.
I could kick myself because in the last month I have had a sort out and gave all my little scraps away but I did have lots of half balls so decided to use them up.

My bag of half used balls of yarn.

I've made a start on my blanket and managed to do a little bit each night, every row is knit so I can sit and watch T.V. or chat without having to concentrate to much on the knitting. I cast on 200 stitches onto 5mm circular needles, I'm not thinking too much about colour placement and so far have put my hand in the bag and used whatever colour comes out, so far this has worked !!!!
At first I was going to just use DK on my blanket and not mix different weights but after seeing Evelyn's blanket and seeing it works with any weight yarn, I've gone for it and added 4ply and aran into my bag of scraps, whoo hoo get me, aren't I a crazy cat !!!!
I'm still going to be getting on with my Springtime throw when I have the time but this project is pick up any time and not have to concentrate, hopefully I can get more squares made next week when things quieten down.
Thanks for looking.


Carole said...

Wow, that looks gorgeous already. Sometimes we all need simple crafting time where you can do without having to think.

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Oh Deb, that is looking gorgeous!! Such beautiful colours!!
Victoria xx

Candace said...

The colours look gorgeous together. Happy anniversary and happy birthday. Hope Mick spoilt you rotten x

Kashi said...

So pretty, can't wait to see the finished project. XOXO

Evelyn said...

You are a crazy cat and I love it! Your Wonder Blanket is looking so cozy already.

Joanna M. said...

You have been a busy girl! A super Happy Birthday to you! And Happy Anniversary too! I love your gorgeous blanket! You are so inspiring Deb! Hugs, Joanna

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful colors!!!!

Kepanie said...

What a great start on that Wonder blanket!
Hau oli 'la hanau to you Deb. Have a rainbow of a day.
And ho'omaka'i to you and your husband on 24 years.

Lynnda said...

WOW... The colours look gorgeous ...I love it!!!. Happy anniversary and happy birthday... I hope DH will spoilt you!!! Hugs...xoxo

Linda R said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary... Your blanket looks amazing so far. LOVE the colors. I have been working on my blanket as well, I only have 9 squares left. I am hoping to finish it by tomorrow. We shall see.


Ira Huberts said...

Goodness Deb, so many birthdays! Happy birthdays to you all, hope you all have a wonderful day!! Lovely knitwear, the colours go fabulously together. Ira x

Stella said...
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Stella said...

Hello deb! Happy birthday and anniversary; I wish and hope you will have a wonderful day! And be spoilt rotten:)

Sarah (Crafts from the Cwtch) said...

I love the colours you're using. Beautiful! Sounds like a crazy month but good-crazy! Enjoy it xxx

Barbina said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and anniversary! I love your new blanket! Have to keep that pattern in my mind, it´s great for the evenings!