Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I love pink!

When I was checking out my favourite blogs I noticed a a creative mint had got a new amazing inspirational photo and it was pink!It was so feminine and pretty I decided there and then that I would be using that adorable photo as my inspiration some time this week.I had so many ideas running through my head after I'd seen it I couldn't sleep(I must stop looking at blogs at night).
When I clicked on  Lisas blog she had seen the Pink Whispers photo and fell in love with it too. I'll be looking forward to see what  wonderful creations Lisa will be coming up with.

Here's my stash I decided to use:

and here's Leslies photo from a creative mint that I found so stunning.

Will be back soon to show you what I've done with my gorgeous pink stash!!!


Lisa said...

isn't that pink to swoon for? thanks so much for putting the link to a creative mint on your blog - I will be stopping by there very regularly from now on.
and your kit is adorable - so soft and pink and well, pink!

Liberty said...

haha you beat me to it!!! was going to do the same post tonight but have got stuck into organising 7 years worth of photos instead! your photo is sooooo pretty, i can't wait to see what you do. i love this inspiration idea, i will definitely have a go tomorrow :) xxx

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