Friday, 5 February 2010

Inspirational Photo Challenge

I just adore looking at Melissa Phillips blog,she is so inspirational  and her work is so beautiful. Sometimes I get a tear in my eye when I read the things she writes about her daughter.
I also love the Photo Inspirational Challenge that she has started doing so I thought I would have a go at  it this week.She gets the photo's from A Creative Mint which is another great source of inspiration .. This is the photo for this week:

What a gorgeous photo of vintage buttons and ephemara done in reds and creams . Firstly I decided to get a pile of stash out that I wanted to use. Here it is:

I had great fun making these cards and LO and it really does get you inspired when you look at a beautiful photo with a great colour scheme.I put my stash in this gorgeous cake stand that I got  from BHS.It is so much easier to get creative when everything is out in front of you.

Here are my finished cards

I'm off to the Bromsgrove 12 hour Cropaganza tomorrow so I need to get my photos printed and stash together. I wish I was more organised I always leave everything until the last minute and I'm bound to have forgotten something. TaTa. for now!


Sarah said...

How come I've only just found you???

Love your blog - welcome to the blogging world.

What a gorgeous photo for inspiration - and your cards and layouts are even more gorgeous...

see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

wow deb what amazing cards and gorgeous photos too. i neeeeeed that cake stand. i love the idea of this, i've read her blog and seen that pic but didn't understand i was meant to do that with my stash!!! thanks for inspiring me!

Lisa said...

I may not have a cake stand as gorgeous as yours but I do have one that is filled with bits and pieces and I love it - but your inspiration collection is a brilliant idea and those cards? fab!
I agree, welcome to the blogging world. Definitely adding you to my blog list! cant wait to see more of your great creations.

Lisa said...

ok, so you are officially "tagged" to join in on a yearly review - check out my blog to find the questions!

Glad to hear that yesterday was so much fun for you all. Can't wait to see your creations too. I think I need to do one of these inspirational photo challenges of yours - so impressed!

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