Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What to do with Left-Over Yarn..........knit a striped baby blanket.

Hello there, did you all have a good weekend ? I'm back today with a new project, that I need to finish by the 16th March.

I'm knitting a striped baby blanket for my soon to be born nephew, I'm hosting a Baby Shower for my sister on the 16th so want to give it her then.

It is very similar to a blanket in a famous baby store, that I love but which is £36, I'm using just left-over yarn and the odd ball I've found in my stash, so isn't costing me anything to knit.

It is all knit rows and I've worked out that if I knit 4cm per day, I will get it finished in plenty time, I've then got to sew a fabric border around the edge.

The wrong side of the blanket is actually the right side, if you know what I mean, with the wrong side you get the lovely mix of coloured stripes.

I have a little sequence going for the stripes but the colours are totally random, depending on how much I have left of certain colours.

I will put a post up when it's finished, thank you for looking, have a great week, everyone.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love it!!! Fab colors!!

maree said...

Even a scrap yarn blanket looks like the most gorgeous thing I'v ever seen when it's done by you. How do you do that? Don't you have some ugly colours in your stash like everyone else. Do you really only have the lovely stuf??? I'm soooo envious!

P.S.: Doing a garter stitch blanket myself at the moment - a rainbow one.

eight by six said...

great colours and your sister will be really pleased with a useful beautiful hand made present x Amanda x

Juls said...

this is fab! Hugs Juls

Ira Huberts said...

Amazing colour combination Deb, you wouldn´t say this was made with leftovers! So pretty. Ira x

Teresa Kline said...

wow, you are super talented....sweet items...hope you have a fabulous week!

enjoy *~*

Ros Crawford said...

Aww! This is so sweet ... A baby shower? they have them here in the UK now? Wish I'd had one ... Have a lovely week

Nicole said...

Deb this is so awesome, garter stitch striped things are my favourite, and I know the blanket you mean - I see it everywhere and eventually found the shop!! Yours will be so much more special though as it's handmade and I think I love your colours even more!

Evelyn said...

Simply ... beautiful!

Kepanie said...

This is coming out so well, Deb!