Friday 26 February 2010

A Baby Shower

I went to Rach's Surprise Baby Shower last night.It was organised by Hannah,Rae's twin sister,she got her there on the pretence of dinner.Her face when she worked through the door was a picture.I think she was wondering why all the girls from the crop had been invited to dinner.


It was the first baby shower I'd been to so didn't know what to expect.It was such good fun and we all had a real good laugh.We played games,I won a goodie bag for answering the most correct questions about Rach as a baby.We played pin the dummy on the baby,we had to draw a picture of Rach but the paper had to be on top of our head and finally we had to look and smell the nappies and guess what was in there ( that was gross).

What a fun night!

I made this Baby Shower card for her and I also made the invites which I really enjoyed doing.

I've managed to get a few things done this week.I've done Libby a thank you card to say a big thank you for all the hard work she puts into organising Bromsgrove Crop.

I've also made a start on my December GoGo kit.The Snow Day LO I did by using a Julie Bonner sketch.She has some great sketches not just for LO's but sometimes for cards as well which is always handy when you lose your mojo.

 Looking forward to tomorrow as I'm off to GoGo Gameover in Coventry with Lib & Lisa where we'll be doing 5 classes throughout the day.I'm off now to pack my bag.

Bye Bye.

Deb x

1 comment:

Lisa said...

your cards are just so wonderful. i'm so envious! looks like fun last night! i think i'm packed but i'm so disorganised, nothing would surprise me. just taking two mins before my lift to the airport arrives. see you tomorrow!

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