Wednesday 21 April 2010

Spring Clean!

I've been sat in my craft room the last few weeks thinking I really need to have a good sort out. I'd got so much stash especially papers that I bought years ago even though I didn't like them I kept thinking I might use them one day . Well as you all know I won't use them I just don't like getting rid of things just in case! So the spring clean began yesterday and I finished this afternoon getting rid of loads,I can't believe I even bought some of the things I got rid of.I was quite ruthless once I started and feel much better for it.I know where everything is now and found things I'd forgotten I'd got. I haven't used my Cricut for at least 12 months and unsure whether to get rid of that as well some people are saying not to because I'd regret it.I'd appreciate any comments on what you think before I make my mind up.

Nice and Tidy!
Even though I've just gutted my stash I have bought some new ranges that arrived today. I just couldn't resist the new October Afternoon Fly a Kite and Thrift Shop.I also got American Crafts Dear Lizzie Spring but I have learnt a lesson to actually use my new stash instead of just looking at it as your tastes do change over time.
Monday night I went to Sunrise Crafts for cardmaking,I hadn't been for a couple of weeks so it was nice to see everyone.We made a beautiful vintage card just the sort of card I like to make.

I started a LO at Bromsgrove on Thursday evening which I've managed to finish this afternoon. I used the papers from my Febuary GoGo kit and added some flowers and Prima swirls the LO was inspired by a sketch in the new Pencil Lines book.
Back soon,hopefully with what I've done with my new stash!


Anonymous said...

your craft room looks just as full as it did before and still just as gorgeous! i love the LO and card - how have you done that flower? and i knew there was something i meant to tell was to buy Thrift Shop - knew it was right up your street!

Lisa said...

why does your room look so much nicer than mine??? not fair! Looks great though! It must be a lovely room to work in.
Note to self: improve my room!

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