Friday 8 March 2013

Crochet Granny Squares for Charity..........

Happy Friday, my friends, I hope you've all had a good week and looking forward to the weekend. I'm back today with some Granny Squares that I'm crocheting for charity.

I've been very blessed throughout my life, I had a lovely childhood, I've got the most amazing friends and family, I've been married for nearly 25 years, I have two gorgeous daughters, who are happy with their lives and both enjoy their jobs. I've had my ups and downs, like everybody else but on a whole it's been mostly ups.

So, when I saw that Country Home and Interiors magazine have just launched a Crochet Club, where you can learn to crochet and raise money for charity, I thought it would be a nice way to give back. There chosen charity is Mencap and all the squares they receive will be made up into accessories and auctioned for the charity.

They have joined forces with Rowan, who have created two Granny Square patterns for us to download and also a step by step 'How to Crochet' guide. In the above photo, the one on the left and the centre square, on the front row, are made using the free Rowan pattern.

I've also been trying some of the Granny Squares from Kate Webber's (Inverleith), new book, 500 Crochet Blocks, you will never run out of inspiration with this little book.

I think my favourite block from the book so far is 'climbing rose' with a traditional granny square pattern around it. It's the centre square on this photo.

You can use any granny square pattern as long as it measures 10cm by 10cm, I'm using Drops Merino Extra Fine yarn that I have in my stash, with a 3.5mm hook to get the right size square, I must crochet quite tight as my squares were way too small using the hook and yarn that is suggested for the patterns. If you fancy making some squares for charity you can find all the details and where to send them here.

My gorgeous friend,Kerry, is coming round to my house tonight for a Knit & Natter. I taught Kerry to crochet a few months ago now, she started off by making scarves and cowls but you can only make so many. She loved my Starburst Flower Throw, so I tried talking her in to giving one a go, she was convinced that she couldn't do it.

Eventually I convinced her that she could, after all she made a Ripple Cowl which I think the Ripple pattern is harder to grasp than the Starburst Flower blocks. Anyway after a couple of weeks she had all these little beauties.

So my evening will consist of a Chinese takeaway, a glass of wine , crochet, chatting and I can guarantee lots of laughter !!!!!

Have a great weekend.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a great idea! So happy you have joined in!

Unknown said...

A wonderful initiative Deb, so sweet of you to participate. And yes, when you're able to count your blessings what's nicer than to help others? Lovely work! Ira x

Ros Crawford said...

Sounds lovely ... As you know I work with disabled adults and the rewards are worth every bit of effort ... Enjoy your evening

Stefanie said...

What an excellent way to give back, Deb. your squares are lovely.

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