Monday 5 August 2013

Makai Shawl.........A Shawl Focused on the Sea.

Hello my friends, I hope you all had a great weekend, Mick and I decided to go to Somerset for the weekend for a mini break, so this was a good time to start my new shawl, Makai. The inspiration is from the ocean and the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

This a shawl pattern designed by Mel Ski Knits, who I greatly admire, she is such a positive person and believes everything is possible if you set your mind to it, you can find her latest podcast, here. It's not a KAL, as such but a Knit Together as there is no time limit, it's just a relaxing, take your time sort of project.

It is a mystery pattern and is split into three sections, she started off by asking us to choose some yarn that reminds us of the beach or the ocean, about 420 yard of 4ply.

These were my choices, I love them all especially the pink and orange "Somerset Dawn" which is so pretty but I went with the turquoise. The reason for this choice is it reminded me of the "Blue Lagoon" in Gozo/Comino, the islands of Malta. It is one of our favourite holiday destinations and holds lots of happy memories. The water is crystal clear and you can see the pure white sand at the bottom of this part of the Mediterranean Sea, it's like swimming in a pool.

The next segment was to swatch, to see if you were happy with your yarn choice. The yarn is Easy Knits Cherish in the colourway, Zora, it is 80% Superwash Merino/10% Cashmere/ 10% Nylon and it feels so soft and luxurious. The above photo is Paige in the Blue Lagoon, swimming back to the boat, as you can see the colour of this yarn is just perfect and matches the clear blue colour of the sea.

Segment 1 was released on the 1st August, the first segment starts with the "Horizon", which I started in the car on our way to the Somerset.

I finished the Garter stitch tab and was ready to start the next section when we got there, I do get travel sick so can't look at a pattern whilst moving.

I loved that I could knit some of this shawl by the sea, it just makes it that bit more special as I love to spend time at the coast and ultimately, would love to live near the sea.

This was my view, whilst knitting some of "The Horizon" section, isn't it beautiful? It was so peaceful, with just the sound of the waves rolling in and the occasional laughter of children playing further up the beach.

I love how these stitches look, just like the waves you see on the horizon, gently rolling in towards the shoreline.

The next section is released on the 8th August and I can't wait to see what Mel has up her sleeve for us, it's my first mystery pattern and I'm really enjoying not knowing what to expect. I love surprises and knew I wouldn't be disappointed, as I love all of Mel's patterns. If you don't like not knowing, the full pattern will be released on the 20th August.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, I will hopefully post next week with the second section of the shawl. Have a great week.


Stefanie said...

What a gorgeous blue. You totally captured your favorite holiday spot. One of my friends named her son Makai while his twin is Makoi.

Susanne said...

That is a gorguss!! color.

The Faerie Factory said...

Such scrummy yarn and that blue is gorgeous ~ Sarah x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a gorgeous blue!! I love it!!!

Kashi said...

Beautiful color! I love it.

Ros Crawford said...

Gorgeous colour!! and it just looks like the blue lagoon ... Lovely photos!

Unknown said...

That's my favourite shade of blue! Looks sooooo pretty Deb and wow, such fab photos! Ira x
Ira’s Crea Corner

Hazels Crochet said...

Oh that just looks like the lovely blue that you see in holiday ads, makes me want to go to the beach.

It is gorgeous Debs!x

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