Thursday 7 February 2019

The Handmade Sock Society Season 2 Giveaway....

Hi there, how are you all doing? I hope you've all had a good start to the year? What are your knitting plans for the year? Are you finishing WIP's before you cast on new projects or just casting on all the new ones?

I tried to clear as many WIP's off my needles as I could before the end of last year but as I do every new year I like to cast on new projects. I will share them in my next post though.

I'm here today to let you know that Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade is releasing The Handmade Sock Society Season 2 which last year was an amazing success which many of you enjoyed. Pre-sales are now up at an early-bird price of £9.95 + any vat that has to be added, no code needed, it will revert to the regular price of £15 on the 14th February.

Here's everything you need to know about this seasons subscription.....

Run away to a quiet cottage in Cornwall, a remote hideaway overlooking the sea. Outside, the waves crash against the rocks, but you are snug and warm, wrapped in blankets and toasting by a little wood-fired stove. There’s peace to be found in the wildness of the ocean and comfort to be gleaned from the humble pleasures of life on a windswept beach. No matter how fierce the weather may be, the sound of the sea can soothe a ruffled heart. When you’re feeling brave, you can climb the cliffs and take in the exhilaration of the view, or strike out in a sailboat and test your skills and courage against the wind. There is nothing else to do and nowhere else to be but right here, and every moment in this place is full of inspiration.
The second season of The Handmade Sock Society takes us on a voyage away from the complexity and clutter of our modern schedules to a seaside retreat where we can steal a little time for ourselves, our thoughts, and our handmade projects. There will be moments of rest and of excitement, the joy of the unknown and the ease of the familiar, and most of all, the indulgence of as much sock knitting as our hearts desire.
The Handmade Sock Society Season 2 is a pattern subscription club inspired by the beautiful Cornish coastline. The six secret sock knitting patterns in the collection are ideal for any knitter who is obsessed with hand-knitted socks, loves a bit of suspense, and enjoys creating along with other enthusiastic makers. The first pattern of the series will be released in early later this month, and then there will be another pattern release every other month until December 2019. There’s never any pressure to “keep up” with the crowd, and our leisurely release schedule should allow knitters of all skill levels and knitting speeds a nurturing and relaxed experience.

I wanted to choose a colour palette for all six socks to reflect the Cornish coast and the seaside in general. I'm drawn to the beach and sea,  it has a calming effect on me much like knitting, I can feel the stresses of life just melt away listening to the waves crash against the shoreline. Sadly, I don't live by the sea so when I do travel to the beach, I have to savour the moment.

I found these wonderful colour inspiration photos from the Beautiful Simplicity blog which expresses perfectly the colours and mood I wanted to interpret to my socks. I will have fun looking through my stash to find just the right yarn for all the designs.

This is the yarn that I've chosen for the first design which will be released Thursday 14th February, it's Fine Fish Yarns in the Claude colourway.

Helen has very kindly given me a subscription to give away to one lucky reader so if you fancy been in with a chance of winning, just let me know in the comments if you knit any of last years designs and which was your favourite or what is your Curious Handmade sock design. I will pick a winner on Monday.

Also, Helen has a giveaway on her Ravelry group to win one of her patterns of your choice, for more details check out the giveaway thread.

Happy knitting


DMO said...

I love Helens sock patterns. I haven’t knit any of them as yet but have them all on my Ravelry. Would love to win the 2nd THSS!

Louise said...

I love Helen's patterns and it was seeing all the beautiful photos of the Vintage Fairy Lights Socks for the Christmas eve cast-on a couple of years ago that inspired me to take up knitting! I still haven't knit those socks yet but I have knit a Sonder Shawl and a Tchaikovsky hat and look forward to knitting many more of Helen's patterns. Thank you for the chance to win THSS 2. I live by the beach in Australia - it is definitely my happy place. Xx

Lee said...

Helen’s patterns are always so beautiful! I have not knit her socks from last year, but think they are all so pretty, especially Magnolia! It’s nice to read a post form you again:) Be well!

Sarah said...

Last year I knit a couple of the patterns from the Sock Society, I especially enjoyed knitting the Honeybee Dance socks. I am looking forward to seeing what Helen has come up with this year. Thanks for the giveaway x

Tamara said...

Hi! Thank you for a lovely giveaway! I haven’t actually knit any of Helen’s socks before. I’m obsessed with knitting, but socks have been my least favourite thing to knit. I just haven’t had a lot of luck with my sock projects, so far. However, I’ve decided that this year I really want to get more confident knitting socks. Also, there are so many beautiful sock designs, and I love the idea of wearing handknit socks. My favourite sock design of Helen’s is probably the Magnolia socks, although others are a very close second,

KateP said...

I started THSS1 before my wrist turned ugly, leaving me unable to knit until December. But I finished my Winter Rose socks just before the new year! I'm waiting for Fragment to be released as a single pattern; but am happy for the chance to win THSS2! Thank you for the opportunity!

KateW said...

I haven't finished all the patterns from THSS1 but the Magnolia socks are one of my favourites.

Melissa hogan said...

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