Saturday 28 July 2012

My Birthday Week..........

Hello my lovely friends, I haven't been around much these last two weeks as I've had  a really busy couple of  weeks and then my wifi broke down on Monday and my 3G kept dropping so haven't been able to get on the net but my new hub was delivered yesterday, a few of you thought I was getting a new husband, hehe, unfortunately I'm not, I'm stuck with the old one, only joking I wouldn't really swap him. Anyway  I'm back now and will catch up with everybody over the next few days.
This maybe the longest post I've wrote with lots of photo's so you may want to get a cup of coffee and some biccies before you settle down, lol.
It was my birthday on the 18th and I had the most wonderful week but a very busy week on Saturday 14th I became a great aunt to a gorgeous little baby boy, he is so tiny !!!!

On the Monday we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary, the time has flown and sometimes I forget I'm not the 20 year old I was when I got married, I must GROW up a bit !!!!! Hubby took the day off, which doesn't happen very often, and we went to the Toft Alpaca shop where I got some gorgeous silver Suri alpaca wool then we went onto Bicester for some retail therapy.
Tuesday, I went to Brockencote Hall for afternoon tea with some friends which was very civilised and grown up !!!!

Then like my Mom always says, you can't take me anywhere twice, I decided to try and take a photo of the 5 of us on self timer but this is how the photo's kept turning out.

I just couldn't get back in time, we were laughing so much the manager came out and asked in a very posh voice, if he could help so he took this photo but by this time I was in bits.

Wednesday was my birthday and I had the most wonderful day and was spoilt rotten, my girls got me some gorgeous gifts all placed in a fab Union Jack suitcase.

Look at all these beautiful cards I received, some handmade and some bought but all of them were very special, my friends and family know me so well.

received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my lovely friend Binda, some beautiful roses off my daughter's boyfriend's Nan and Grandad and lots of other lovely gifts too, I had a few things for my new found love of knitting too which I will show you on Tuesday.

Then  Hubby came home and gave me a present I really wasn't expecting.................

It was the new IPad 3 with 3G, I had the very first IPad but had ran out of memory and it didn't have 3G so I was absolutely thrilled to get this. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, kind family, I believe in Paying it Forward so I will make sure I pass on something good to somebody else..
On the Saturday it was Paige's 17th birthday so Friday as a joint celebration we went to Birmingham for lunch and to watch the stage production of Dirty Dancing.
We did a bit of shopping first then went to Marco Pierre White's in The Cube for lunch, it was amazing, it is 25 floors up overlooking the city and the food was gorgeous.

It was then time to go to the  Hippodrome to see Dirty Dancing, we were so excited..................

This was in the foyer and we couldn't not take a photo, don't my girls look angelic.

We went to our seats, waiting with anticipation and WOW, the show was fabulous and didn't disappoint, when we first saw Johnny we were a bit he's no Patrick Swayze  but as the show went on he really grew on you and was such a fabulous dancer, it was a big role to fill and he did a great job.
I love the theatre and get very emotional watching especially the finale, this show was no different and I got goose bumps watching. The finale was so much fun and once Johnny said " nobody puts Baby in the corner" and they started their dance, all the audience were up dancing, the cast got a standing ovation for at least 10 minutes, such a great atmosphere.
The following day, Paige turned 17 and was very excited to have her first driving lesson, sometimes I can't believe my two little girls have grown up so quick and are now  lovely young women.

As you can see I had a busy but wonderful week, and it just seems to continue. Yesterday I got back from a fun few days in North Wales with my lovely crafty friends. We rent a big old house and the idea is to get together and do some crafting but the weather was so lovely we didn't get a lot done.
We did have plenty of laughs though, good food and a few cheeky Pimms and Bellini's. I did get some knitting time in though, I even took it the beach, this was the first time I've knitted in public !!!!

Yesterday we visited Portmerion, what an amazing place, it is so pretty, you could be in the Mediterranean not Wales, the sun was shining and I really didn't want to leave.
First we had lunch at Deudraeth Castle, what a fabulous outlook over the Welsh countryside, the food was yummy and the staff were very pleasant. .

After lunch we went to Portmerion village, such a beautiful place to visit, I would love to stay at the hotel, it is very Art Deco and you expect Poirot to be sat there using "he's little grey cells", the views over the estuary are breathtaking.

Here are the the last few photo's of the village.

Thank you for letting me share these last two weeks with you, I appreciate the time you take in looking and all your lovely comments.

Enjoy the weekend.


Lea said...

Now that's how everyone should celebrate a birthday! Fantastic pictures and glad you had such a great week!

Susanne said...

Wow what a fun time you have had celebrating so many occasions. I enjoyed the pictures and the prose. And Happy Belated Birthday.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!! You have been busy! LOVING all the photos, and your nephew is gorgeous!!!

Kashi said...

I was laughing so hard at the photo of the back of you! I would never even be able to get the back of me in a self timed photo. Looks like you had a wonderful couple of weeks. The colors in your knitting project are so pretty, I can't wait to see when it is finished. XOXO

Jackie xxx said...

WOW Deb, you certainly know how to celebrate your birthday. What a good time you had. Love that you have been on a crafty weekend - love the photos the place looks beautiful - might have to go and visit one day. x

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos Deb! So beautiful! You look like you've had such a wonderful few weeks! Congrats on your new nephew and new iPad! That's fabulous! I so want to visit England one day. It is on my bucket list. :)Thank you for sharing! xoxo

Sarah said...

That was some week!

Lynnda said...

WOW... Awesome... looks like wonderful bash!!!... Those photos are lovely Deb... I'm so happy for you... hugs...xoxo

Ros Crawford said...

I love looking at photos and these are fabulous ... everyone telling a story ... Wales looked fabulous ... you were really lucky to catch those few good days ... glad you enjoyed your hectic but fun filled time ... and that baby is so sweet!!

Unknown said...

Such wonderful photos again Deb, looks like you had a fab birthday and lots of nice celebrations! Please don't grow up, there are already too many adults in this world, lol! Congrats on being a great aunt now, he's a sweet baby boy!

Stefanie said...

It's so fantastic how you were remembered on your birthday! What a fabulous time you had. Good for you on going out and about.

Stella said...

Deb I really love rteading and looking at your posts. I hgad so much fun. Good to read and see you had a great birthday and spoilt rotten. ( and you deserve to be spoilt rotten...). And beibg a great aunt of such a gorgeous little baby boy!
Also congrats on your wedding anniversary!

Hope you arre also having a bit of sunshine in the UK. We had summer last week and now back to rain again....yikes!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. So many wonderful photos. And it looks like you have had a full and fun couple of weeks.. Thanks for sharing your photos with us..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and Belated Birthday lady Diva may I call you.. Wow real posh places on the town I would say. Those pictures are for sure memorable and the flowers. Heavenly.

I laughed also. How in the world would you have got that picture.As you did. Only you can do that right??? . Te,,hee.


thesnailgarden said...

Congratulations on your birthday, wedding anniversary and arrival of your great nephew. Best wishes, Pj x

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