Tuesday 24 July 2012

One a Day......Tuesday's Tallies

Hello my lovely blog friends, I hope you had a good weekend, thank you for all my birthday wishes. I had the most wonderful week as I've celebrated my wedding anniversary, my birthday and Paige's birthday, but I will tell you more about that in a different post.
I'm back today with my Tuesday's Tallies, unfortunately with all the celebrations this week, I have only managed three rows on my Wonder Blanket.
I've got no wifi so I'm writing this on my iPad using 3G, the only problem is I can't add links properly and I don't know if the layout will look different, I'm using Blogpress, if anybody does know how to add a link, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know, I can copy and paste the web address.

It doesn't look much different from last week but I thought I'd show you the blue I've added.
I've also got one pair of wellie toppers finished ready for V Festival next month.

The pattern is Fun in the Mud Welly Toppers by Rhian Drinkwater from Simply Knitting issue 92. I used Rico Designs Creative Poems Aran in shade 10.
This was a very quick and easy pattern and I finished them in a few hours, the other pair I'm knitting aren't quite as straight forward it's using intarsia so I need to concentrate more but hopefully will get them finished this week.
Tomorrow, I'm off to North Wales with my crafty friends, the weather is beautiful here in the U.K. so hopefully we can spend some time on the beach but on the evening we plan to do some crafting, some will be papercrafting and some of us knitting/crochet. Whatever we are doing I know we will have lots of fun and laughs, they are a great bunch of girls.
Check out how everyone else has got on this week with their One a Day's


Sorry this is the only way I can link.
Have a great week, I don't know what the internet service will like where I'm stopping so I may be a bit quiet for the next few days.


Kashi said...

Hi Deb, I love the Wellie toppers. I may have to try that. If we ever get wet weather around here again. I love the colors in the Wonder Blanket too. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and have fun with the girls.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love love love those toppers!!! Glad you had a great birthday week!!!!

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Looking good Deb! Love the wellie topper too, what gorgeous coloured yarn!
Victoria xx

Wool Diaries said...

What perfect project your welly toppers are lovely and I need some of those. I always hate the cold air getting in my wellies.

Your stripes are soo happy

Ros Crawford said...

Congrats on your anniversary and belated Happy Birthday ... you must give me the daye please ... loving the wellie toppers .. have a great time in NW ... I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you ... it's fine up here so far!

Candace said...

Love the welly toppers!Have fun on your crafty holiday see you soon x

Unknown said...

So many wonderful celebrations Deb, hope you had good time fun and if I forgot to tell you, here it is again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your wellie toppers are super gorgeous! You might start a whole new fashion style here! Ira x

Sherrie said...

Love the toppers, cute! Your wonder blanket is looking good. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Mlissabeth said...

I love the welly toppers, too. Looks like they are a big hit.

I have been doing some stash busting, too. I cheer you on with your wonder blanket.

Nicole said...

It's great to see a knitting project in the One-A-Day group and I really love garter stitch rainbow stripes so this is really ticking all the boxes for me, cannot wait to see more :)

Your wellie toppers are also a great idea, I've just come back from a festival but I might make some for next year :D It would certainly stop them rubbing if you don't have long socks x

Unknown said...

Fabulous my friend. I just love your wellie toppers. They are too cute. Have fun and enjoy your vacation..


Anonymous said...

First wish you and your family all the best! Your crafty things are really beautyful this week. Have a good time with your friends. Greetings from Germany Terra.

Stefanie said...

The wellie toppers are so awesome! I think they're so much better than what's sold at Nordstrom's.
How fun to go off and hang w/craft friends. Lucky you. Have a fabulous time.

Martha Herrera said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I LOVE the toppers. Have a wonderful time!

Carole said...

The colours on your blanket are lovely. I adore your welly toppers, what a great idea.

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