Saturday 4 August 2012

Shabby Chic/Vintage Buys.........and a new magazine.

Hi there my lovely friends, how is your weekend going ? I've had a lovely afternoon, we took a trip to Bridgnorth, a pretty little market town in Shropshire.
First stop was lunch at Bailey's, a quaint little bistro on the High Street, we managed to get a table right by the front window and was able to watch the world go by. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and everyone was in their summer finery then without warning the heavens opened.

It was torrential rain and didn't take long for the road to become flooded, this street two minutes before was full of people going about their business.
This rain continued for about 45 minutes with claps of thunder every now and again, then the sun began to shine again and from nowhere the streets were full. Paige and I had a little giggle over this as they looked like little ants filling the streets and we couldn't work out where they'd all been sheltering.
As soon as the rain had stopped we began shopping in case it came back again without warning again.
We'd come to Bridgnorth to visit the lovely vintage shops.I wanted to go to one in particular called Gin & Teacups, a gorgeous shop, full of vintage treasures.
Last time I'd been in they had an array of vintage knitting needles so I planned on buying some but just my luck, they'd sold them all but I did find these vintage Jaeger Angora Spun yarn at just £1.00 a ball.

While I was there I popped into WH Smiths to have a look at the magazines, and I found this one called Pretty Nostalgic.

This is the second issue, I can't believe I missed the first one, how did that happen !!! It is full of vintage lovliness, stunning photo's and how-to's.

The rain clouds looked very ominous so we cut our visit short and headed back to the car, on our way home we stopped off at Garden Village.We had a wonder around and I found this little shop called Oliver's, it sells new and vintage country living/shabby chic goodies.
I was so excited when I saw this baby blue wicker basket with french ribbon tied around the handle, hanging up outside, I've been after a pretty basket for ages and just couldn't find one I liked. It was a bargain price of £7.99, so needless to say I snapped it up.

When I entered this Aladdin's cave of everything shabby chic I was in heaven, touching, picking things up, ohhing and aaahing. I could have spent a fortune but I restrained myself and just bought a few things I'd been wanting.

A wire basket for my fat quarters.

A vintage teacup and side plate to add to my collection.

This little garden trug wasn't on my list of things but I couldn't resist it, not sure what to use it for yet but will find a use for it !!!

A new tray, so all in all I've had a great day of shopping and very pleased with my purchases
I hope you're all having a great weekend, I'm off now to devour my new magazine from cover to cover.


Tangled Sweetpea said...

Ooh I LoVe Pretty Nostalgic - isn't it such a beautiful magazine?
Victoria xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

sounds like a beautiful weekend!!!! loving the photos!!!!

Kashi said...

What a fun day. I love your purchases.

Tina said...

Great photos and wonderful finds!


Lynnda said...

Lovely photos Deb.... hugs...xoxo

Ros Crawford said...

What lovely finds ... Funny how I now get more excited about finding a pretty box rather than pretty clothes ... must be getting old! Have a lovely Sunday

Unknown said...

Your new tray is fabulous Deb, you certainly have an eye for nice things! Your finds are superb! x

Stella said...

ooohhh that baby blue wicker basket and that wire basket are my faves:). You have a perfect eye for treasures:)Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

So many wonderful lovely items you have here. Looks like you had a wonderful time shopping. I so enjoyed seeing your rain photos. You know how much I love the rain....

Thanks so much for sharing you photos with us.


Anonymous said...

Pictures are great. Even the pictures on the street .

Sounds of matter of fact was still a nice weekend for you with rain outside. A quaint place. You got some treasures again. Nice.

Thanks for sharing.

Joanne said...

I love your buys!! That vintage angora looks so soft, and I really like your wire basket.
I haven't seen that magazine before, I will have to keep an eye out for it.

Stefanie said...

What sweet lil' finds you found Deb! My gosh and I thought our weather here in San Francisco was wacky.

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE seeing your FAB finds! LOVE it all!

Susanne said...

What fab finds - both the magazine and trug would have come home with me - oh yeah, and the teacup too. Thanks for sharing.

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