Wednesday 19 June 2013

Socks from the Toe Up.........Dead Simple Lace Socks..

I've only ever knit a couple pair of socks before, a pair of Vanilla (plain) socks and the Crenate socks which were started from the cuff. I really struggled on the heels and I'm not great at Kitchener stitch. I persevered though and eventually finished them.

I've seen some gorgeous sock patterns but have always put off starting another pair until  I saw this book Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson. I'd read that people find that they are easier to knit as the toes are knit in one so no Kitchener and the heels are worked in short-rows so no picking up stitches on the heel flap.

I've got quite a few skeins of sock yarn that I received when I was in a monthly yarn club, there isn't one pattern that I don't like in this book so my plan is to knit every one starting from the beginning and working my way through, I think they get more complicated as you get further through the book.

This yarn is a Blue Face Leicester called Dazzle 4ply from The Natural Dye Studio,  one advantage of doing toe up is if you are worried about running out of yarn, you can just keep knitting the leg until you get the desired length or you run out of yarn.

I split the one skein into two even balls, using my ball winder, firstly I wound the whole skein into one ball then weighed it and divided the weight by two. I then started winding a second ball from the first ball until I got equal weights.

There are three basic Vanilla socks at the start of the book so you can practise the three different heel and toe techniques that is shown in the technique section, before you start on the more complicated patterns.

I jumped straight in though and went to the first patterned socks in the book which are called Dead Simple Lace Socks, this pattern uses short-row heel and toe and didn't look to complicated to understand. I've got to say though, the written instructions are very easy to understand and very well written, which helped.

Another advantage with toe ups, is you can try them on at any time so you get the best fit for your foot, this is definitely a easier way for me to knit socks and I really enjoyed working on them. This pattern is very easy and after the first row, knew the chart pattern so I could work on these while watching T.V. or socialising at a craft group. I found I really had to concentrate with the cuff down socks but I will try them again if I see a pattern I like.

Here are my finished socks all blocked and ready to wear.

I'm not sure whether you can see on this photo but I love how the heel and toe have striped then the rest of the sock has just a variegated look.

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it and all your lovely comments, make my day. Enjoy the rest of the week.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeee them!!

Lynnda said...

Love them ....especially the colors... hugs...x

Ros Crawford said...

They look wonderful! I like the stripes followed by the mixed colour ... clever girl!

Unknown said...

You are sooooooooooooo good at this Deb! Love the 'open' look, your sockes are fab, enjoy wearing them! Ira x

Unknown said...

They look wonderful Debbie. It's on my bucket list to knit a pair of socks one day.. We shall see if it happens..


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