Wednesday 2 October 2013

Work in Progress........Pipers Journey and a pattern give-away.

Hello there, how are you all doing? I've just got back from Spain, I had a wonderful time but I didn't get to do much knitting. Since I've got back though, I have been working on my Pipers Journey which I have named "Buddies Journey" as it's part of Mel'sBuddy System KnitTogther over on Ravelry, which is running through September and October.

My buddy is Lyn, a UK lady who now lives in Canada and we are both working on Pipers Journey. It's such a great system, we quite often have a good old chin wag over PM, not just about knitting but other things too. When I got back from Spain, she messaged me to say she'd won the Pau Hana by Mel Ski Knits, one for herself and one for a friend and she has given it to me!!!!! Thank you, Lyn, maybe we can knit this together, at some point.

This is the Pau Hana jumper, isn't it pretty? Mel has kindly offered me another two Pau Hana patterns to GIVEAWAY to you!!!!! Mel has used a beautiful Space Cadet ombre yarn in pretty coral colours, if you would like to win a pattern, just leave me a comment, telling me what colour yarn you would chose to knit the Pau Hana in, I will randomly pick two winners on Monday.

I've just been working on my shawl, since I returned, I reached the required number of stitches on Monday evening and started the lace border, last night. After using the two colours to knit a stripe pattern, I'm knitting the border in the beige colour in Rowan Cashsoft DK.

Every Wednesday, I link to Ginny'sYarn Along, where we show our knitting and also what we are reading. While I was on holiday, I read three books, I finished An Absolute Scandal by Penny Vencenzi by Wednesday afternoon, then also read A Night on the Orient Express by Veronica Henry. I loved this book, it makes me want to go on the Orient Express even more now, it sounds so glamorous. The other book, which I had to read on my Kindle, as I only took the two books, was The Saturday Supper Club by Amy Bratley. The last two books were fabulous holiday reads, good old chick lits.

I've now started to read Stay Close by Harlan Corben, this a tense thriller and a much darker, grittier read than my last three books. I haven't got too far in yet, but what I have read so far, is holding my attention and I'm wanting to find out what the three main characters are hiding.

I'm also linking to Work in Progress Wednesday over on Tami's blog.

Finally, here are a few of my holiday snaps.

Penelope's our favourite bar.
A gorgeous Tapa's lunch.
Benidorm at night
Mojita's on the beach
Watching the sunset from our hotel balcony.

Thanks for stopping by.


Donna said...

Nice photos. I want to go away on vacation now! I love the new sweater Mel just published. I checked out the site for the Ombre kit and of course they were all sold out. I may use some handspun in blues and purples.

Your Pipers Journey is gorgeous!!

Erica Saint said...

Your shawl looks so cozy!

Jarka said...

ooo your photos from your trip make me want to travel somewhere's raining here a lot :P ... what a lovely giveaway! I'd probably choose yellow shades of yarn as I'm currently in a phase of " I need yellow sweater"

Lisa said...

I just cannot do suspense or thrillers in either book or movie form... Wish I could! Your vacation photos sure make me wish I could jet away for a few days. :)

Jazz said...

Lovely shawl and amazing pictures.

Here's my WIP:

Unknown said...

Great holiday snaps! No wonder you didn't want to knit a cuddly cold-weather shawl in all that sunshine! I love the stripes and the lovely yarn colours...Chrissie x

flyingjen said...

I think I've read that Harlan Coban book, I'll have to check. I like his books. Great holiday pics. I'm jealous of your mojitos on the beach. I'm adding your other books to my "to be read queue." If I were to knit the sweater I would say either in a green or an orange. Probably an orange, I have a lot of green, but not enough orange.

Evelyn said...

Gorgeous project! Ahhh, spain .... ; )

Sarah said...

Oh your pictures make my surroundings look so dull, and we are actually in the middle of a gorgeous beginning to fall weather here... but still, it's no Spanish hotel! Gorgeous. It looks like you had a lovely holiday.

The sweater pattern is beautiful - I would probably choose shades of blue or green since I am missing the sea.

gilly said...

Your gorgeous knits continue to inspire! Lovely holiday pics too :-)
BTW could you email me your email address please: gillymakes(at)gmail(dot)com
I want to email you some info but you're a "no reply comment" blogger so I can't! Thanks,
love Gilly xx

Andria said...

Great post, great project, lovely holiday photos. I think I'd knit the Pau Hana in greens. I need more green in my life.

Lisa said...

That's a lovely design.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How sweet for her to share her winnings with you!!! I loveeeeee the photos!!!!

Ros Crawford said...

So glad you had a good time ... love seeing your photos ... and I've read a few Harlan Coben book ... they are good ... Have you read James Patterson books? You will like them ... especially the Lindsay Boxer ones

Hannapat said...

It looks like you have had the best holiday and I am sure it was pretty nippy getting back to the UK. We always think that October is the best month to visit Spain. I love your knitting and thank you for the tips on novels as I haven't read any of them. I do love Harlam Coben though. Enjoy your week and weekend xoxo

Joy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time away Deb - always nice to have a break but nice to come home again too!
I love your knitting, you're a busy girl, and if I were to knit the Pau Hana sweater I would be thinking of a neutral or pinky colour - I think!
Joy x

Mistea said...

Love your shawl.

Stefanie said...

I love how your shawl is coming out. It's so pretty. What a glorious holiday you took and with your beloved ones. I added of your reads to my GR list. Thanks for the rec.
That Dolman sweater pattern looks so comfy. Colors, colors...I think either purples or greens for me.

Lynnda said...

Love your shawl!... Gorgeous photos Deb!... Your DD is so pretty!... hugs..x

Unknown said...

Oh how lovely! So glad you enjoyed your holidays Deb, must have been so nice to get away! Can't tell you how much I'd love to get out as well right now, we've been working for more than a year without a break, so we could do with one ;-) Ira x
Ira’s Crea Corner

Unknown said...

You Shaw looks so pretty. I love the colors. Looks like you guys had an awesome Holiday. Loving your photos.


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