Saturday 31 March 2018

The Impressionist MKAL by Curious Handmade Giveaway.

Hello, my friends, I really don't know where the first part of the year has gone. It's been a very busy time over the last couple of months with work and everyday life, unfortunately, it was my blog had to take a back seat. Hopefully, things are settling down a bit and I will get back on track.

After much anticipation over the last few weeks, the first clue of the Impressionists MKAL shawl by Helen Stewart has just been released.

The inspiration behind this mystery knitalong is from impressionist artists and their works using your beautiful skeins of yarn. The pattern uses three skeins of yarn a light, medium and dark and lends itself very well to the popular speckle yarns.

I had the pleasure of test knitting the design and my colours were inspired by this stunning painting by the talented contemporary artist, Dmitry Spiros.

These colours really aren't my usual colour palette but after seeing this wonderful piece of art, I knew which of my yarns I'd be using. The one in the middle is La Bien Aimee Merino Singles in Romance and the other two are a Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 set in Elated. I absolutely love how it turned out and how the yarns worked together.

Helen has done it again with this design, I had so much fun knitting this shawl, I obviously can't give anything away as it's a mystery but I would definitely knit another one. I enjoyed choosing the yarns, looking at the impressionist art and the knitting. There are pages of inspiration over on the Ravelry Forum if you want to take a look.

Helen used a set especially dyed for the design by Kristen of Voolenvine Yarns, she is having another update today 31st March at 10am ET. They do sell out very quickly so if you don't manage to nab one, Circus Tonic Handmade was dying some sets inspired by the Belle Èpoque.

Helen has kindly given me a pattern to giveaway to one lucky knitter. I will pick a winner after the Easter weekend if you can just leave a comment and your Ravelry name.


Have a great Easter Weekend


Annie said...

Oh, I love those colors and Helen makes the loveliest shawls. I have been eyeing this pattern but have so many things queued I daren't start another!
“TomThumbs” on Ravelry

Lee said...

Your yarn selection is lovely and I can’t wait to see the finished project! Mamagiff on Ravelry.

Gem said...

I love your colour choices, looking forward to seeing your finished make! Sometimes it’s so refreshing to step away from your normal palette.
I’ve had a knitting hiatus recently as so busy and problems with carpal tunnel but starting to slowly ramp back up, think I shall give this mystery MAL a ho! Thanks for the inspiration Debbie :-)
Gem x (mrsblaza)

G said...

Eed a project to turn me from winter doldrums. Never did a knot-a-long either! So looking forward.

G said...

Let's try again, shall we?
Need a project to help me through what are still winter doldrums here in the east US. Never did a knit-a-long either. So looking forward to this.

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